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Baijiayun Group Ltd and its subsidiaries ("Baijiayun Group") is a video-centric technology solution provider with core expertise in SaaS/PaaS solutions. Baijiayun Group is committed to delivering reliable, high-quality video experiences across devices and localities and has grown rapidly since its inception in 2017. Premised on industry-leading video-centric technologies, Baijiayun Group offers a wealth of video-centric technology solutions including Video SaaS/PaaS, Video Cloud and Software, Video AI and System Solutions. It is catered to the evolving communications and collaboration needs of enterprises of all sizes and industries, making Baijiayun Group a one-stop video technology solution provider. Baijiayun Group trades on the Nasdaq Capital Market with the ticker symbol RTC.

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Why Invest


China's leading integrated video-centric technology solutions provider, enabling ultra-low latency, concurrency, real-time interaction, and data security.


Rapidly expanded solutions offerings for numerous industries including Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Communications, Finance, and IT.


Extensive and premier customer base with 2,800+ customers, including A-list companies such as Apple, BMW, Medtronic, Roche, Hisense, YiLi, and others


Established branches, R&D centers and offices in North China, East China, South China, and Central China, with nearly 500 employees.

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